Sunday, 20 May 2012

bits from our weekend - I'm LOVING May blooms!

Some chicks were born in Lily's class recently so there as been a lot of
artwork involving them recently!

The dogwoods around town right now are GORGEOUS!!!

An afterschool trip to Sliammon park means beach and park time!

pure love

Brenna's place proves that all those April showers really do bring on the May flowers!

more dogwoods

some key lime pie from Costa del Sol

who doesn't LOVE a bed with freshly laundered sheets and quilts.
made me want to climb back in on Saturday morning!!!

we celebrated our nephew Joe's 1st on the eve of his actual birthday
with 23 of his closest friends and family

he was so sweet watching everyone sing to him and definately
enjoyed his cake!!!


SOOOOOOOO...EXCITING!!! Powell River is home to Canada's longest continuously running movie theatre The Patricia. Recently the town was faced with the fact that the Pat may go dark as we needed $90 000. to convert to digital. To date, the town has raised just over $81000 to make the conversion happen which also means we are able to watch movies in 3D now! Neil took Jack and some buddies out on Saturday night for The Avengers. Not only is the picture better but apparently the sound has improved also! YAY Powell River!   


playing restuarant in the cold wind at Gibson's beach

warming up by the fire

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