Sunday, 20 May 2012

Road Trip part 3 Penticton and back home to Powell River

Saturday. Wedding Day
the Penticton Peach

the signs said DO NOT TOUCH so Lily went very close but in typical Lily fashion, obeyed the rules!

I just can't get enough of the beauty of nature these days

ready to go to a wedding

the card Lily made for Taylor and Matt

first dance
the day after poolside

heading back downt the Coquihalla to Vancouver
hamming it up at the White Spot while we wait for breakfast

homeward bound

sun kissed, wild hair, one dimpled, HAPPY Lily Flower

almost there. Lily pulling a Marilyn Monroe on the top deck of the second ferry

Saltery Bay Terminal. SO happy to see you!

Penticton was the real reason for our road trip. Our niece Taylor was getting married and we were going to support her on her special day. We left Cloverdale around 11:30 Friday morning and arrived in Penticton around 7:30 after stopping in Merrit for lunch and Kelowna for some shopping. We were lucky to travel in the beautiful sunshine. Penticton was hot! Taylor and Matt picked a great weekend to get married and day went off without a hitch! Our first night in the hotel was awesome, the second a nightmare but the manager gave us a free night for our troubles and off we went to visit the fam and sit by the pool before we headed back to Vancouver at suppertime. After a short sleep we got up, went for breakfast and boarded the 1:20 ferry out of Horseshoe Bay to head home. Back in PR by 5:45 and immediately to the ball field for Jack to have his baseball photos taken and play a game. Another LONG day but my bed never felt so good! The only tragedy was having to get up for work and school the next morning. Knowing it was a short week and so would be the next made it all better.

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