Thursday, 7 June 2012

June'uary 7, 2012

Could it have rained any harder today?! I'm glad the clouds have parted and the sun peeked through at the end of the day! Please please let it last tomorrow and through the weekend!!!

Jackson started the day with an award at school for citizenship! I couldn't be there as I was dealing
with Lily but my Mom went to watch! I'm proud of you Jack!
Jack and his class visited the Fire Hall in the afternoon. What a great field trip! I suppose 8/9 is the perfect age to take them as the class was really interested in what was being said. They especially enjoyed the Fire Safety house complete with alarms and real smoke and exiting through windows and down ladders.
The fireman were great too. Stern but fun. Jack LOVED IT!!!

My flower on the other hand didn't enjoy her day much. She had an extremely rough
night with lots of severe stomach pains, vomitting and fever. We made a trip to the ER
this morning to have her checked ou after the Doc couldn't take us todayt. They figure
indigestion (!?!?!?) or a stomach flu!She spent most of the day on the couch which has
helped a little as she is more lively now.
Cuddles from Jack when he returned from school helped too!  Fingers crossed
it goes from her system while she sleeps tonight. The only positive is a
long weekend for my girl! She's thrilled at that thought!

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