Monday, 2 July 2012

bits from our weekend June 29 & June 30, 2012

Chapman's Canadian Vanilla, eh?

maxi dress lol

watching the fish

me, Brenna and my mom

beautiful skies

no bathing suit no problem...grrrr!!!
good thing we had some blankets and hoodies in the van

lily's carrots

and zuchini

papa's garden

my mom made some outstanding lasagna and we ate
with my mom,  sister, her kids, my granny and my cousins

Jack showed us some tricks on his bike after supper

daisies after the rain
we played Rummoli Saturday night. 4 generations together just as I did when I was a kid except
my great grampa smoked cigar after cigar and great granny, my granny and grampa all sat and smoked cigarttes
while we drank pop and ate candy
us: Lily, it's your deal (she and Neil were a team)
Lily: What? It's my deal? Well I'll deal with that!

should we play poker or not. tons of fun

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