Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Canada Day 2012 + a few

we ran into GG and my mom at the Farmer's Market! love those glasses GG!

happy kids (lol) riding the train
first bbq of the season. thank goodness Canada Day was the only day of the
weekend without rain so we could be outside

there was plenty of food as always
lily and her cousin Kyra

Kyra and baby Joe


how many photos do I have of groups taken right here?!?! if there is a party
at the Frost household then there will be a picture in this spot

another take. Jane where did you go?

kids. how sweet is little Steven?


Steven is 1 (almost)
July 2, 2012 on a walk with my Dad around Cranberry

strange and scary seal head in Cranberry lake

it's huckleberry season. they are everywhere and delicious

lily made dessert Monday night

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