Thursday, 5 July 2012

The sun is out...let's run for the beach and follow it up with an evening kayak

Today we headed to Donkersley beach just south of town. It was amazing! The tide was perfect for skimming, the sky was as blue as could be and the sun was blazing for the first time in ages. Tragically I failed as a mom as Jackson is sporting quite a burn on his back. Time for new sunscreen which is better in the water! I've never seen Donkersley so busy. Everyone had the same idea but it made for more fun as we knew so many people who came out to enjoy the day. We headed for ice cream around 4 just up the road from the beach then to my parents for supper. Afterwards we came home and went down to our beach to enjoy the evening some more. Our landlady came paddling up in her kayak and offered to let us have a try. It was my first time and admittedly I was pretty nervous but all went well and I look forward to another try. We finished off the evening with the loss of another tooth for Lily. So happy to have you here summer!!!
so many sand dollars

first skim of 2012

Jack is back in his element

bathing beauties


happy skimmers

our gang

Lily even tried today although what she really wanted was to sit and draw on rocks lol

Diggy is quickly becoming a pro

we followed up the beach with a trip to Coast Berries for ice cream

after supper we went back outside to our beach to admire the beautiful evening

Jack seemed to do very well considering the size of the kayak


my very first adventure in a kayak. hopefully more to come

we capped off the evening with another lost tooth for Lily

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