Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Holiday Road Part 2 - Seattle

we LOVED the Alderwood mall. PR really lacks in the shopping department so it was
fun (and expensive) to shop elsewhere. the kids LOVE lego and had never been to a store with
nothing but so it was right up their alley! my parents treated us to a buffet in the Tulalip Casino where
we ate WAY TOO MUCH. obviously (or maybe not) the kids had never set foot in a casino which
we had to walk through to get to the buffet and to say that they were in awe would be an understatement.
all the flashing lights and ringing bells. the bathroom was amazing. odd thing to talk about but both
kids are compared every single bathroom we went into following that one and said it was just the best.
my little Flower got spoiled silly with a visit to American Girl. she was thrilled and her thanks
when we left almost made me cry. I'm glad she finally got what she has wished
we actually frequented Mcdonalds everyday to get a strawberry lemonade

my mom took Lily out on a special date while we went to the game. they
went to build a bear and to the Macaroni Grill for supper and had a
great night.

we were a bit luckier than Lily and my mom as we
went to the the cheesecake factory

avacado rolls, blackend chicken clubhouse, enchiladas and
a house salad with mini crab cakes. we took cheesecake to
go and ate it after the gam

my boy got his wish to watch the Mariners play against
the Blue Jays at Safeco Field in Seattle with his Papa

i think any seat in the place would be good really. we were in row 36 and
surrounded by Blue Jays fans including 2 couples from Courntey immediately infront
of us and a bus tour of elderly people from Comox. funny going that far from home and
being surrounded by people from towns super close to your own


my Dad with his two oldest grandchildren. thanks again
Dad so very much for taking us all to the game!

the Jays lost but we enjoyed the spectacle of it all and hope
to do it again sometime

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