Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Holiday Road - Part 3 Goonieville

about 4 hours from Seattle is a place very close to my heart.
everyone should visit Cannon Beach or Goonieville. it's well worth the trip.
Neil and I go every year or at least every other year.

we had great mexican food at a new place in Cannon Beach.
tragically I neglected to write down the name
Cannon Beach and Ecola State Park-must sees

this time of year, the town in CB is covered in the most
beautiful flowers

I don't even know how many pictures these two posed for. super troupers

Simon Lebon was thought of at this beach!

Lily will do just about anything for me.

the coastline is AMAZING!!!


my heart is full

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  1. That photo of the coastline took my breath away, you have to take me there some day Jen. Wonderful photos, all of them.