Sunday, 16 September 2012

bits from our weekend


what Lily knows about Terry Fox

oranges and juice await the runners

Jackson ran for Bubby
some afterschool play

perfect peaceful evening

some Lily weirdness


pure happiness for me

Neil was doing an open house that had some great tree climbing trees

there's still a lot of food around outside

headed to Eagle River

Lily had the place to herself

easy baking

put a can of this in boiling water for an hour and a half and you
have THE BEST caramel

back at Eagle River with Ben

can you find the two specs at the top of the cliff. NO they didn't jump that one

Syd and Lily

my parents

Happy Birthday Dad (15th) and Neil (19th)


the Forward brothers and the kids

Neil and his Mom

September Sunday Sunset

Another stellar weekend! Friday we ran the Terry Fox Run at Edgehill.  Our school raised over $1000 for cancer research. Yay! That evening while Neil did his radio show, Jackson went swimming with some pals and Lily and I enjoyed the beach and another amazing sunset together. Saturday we headed to Eagle River. I didn't swim but the kids and Neil did. They also did a little cliff jumping.  Apparently the water was super cold but it didn't stop them. We had some supper at QF then dropped the kids with Neil's mom and headed to see The Campaign at the Patricia. Silliness but nice to get out together for a bit. Sunday Neil took Jack into hockey with his cousin Ben then the three of them headed back out to Eagle River for some cliff jumping. Around 4 the family arrived to celebrate my Dad and Neil's birthdays with a ham supper. My Uncle Ralph came, my sister and the kids, Neil's mom and my parents all showed up for a great meal next to the ocean followed by chocolate cake with caramel icing and another gorgeous sunset. September rocks! I'm loving this extended summer. The forcast is calling for at least 10 more days of it! Warm gorgeous days with tons of sunshine and the bluest skies then cooler much more pleasing to sleep to temperatures at night. Who could ask for more!?!?!

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