Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Happy Birthday Rueben

cake and candles with the Frost fam last night

the night before his 39th
hello 39!!! early morning wishes and cuddles from the kids
card from us. jackson drew the top - apparently a turntable
lily the bottom - a dj

awesome words from the kids
lily's reads - I may be crazy but you are the best in any way
a beautiful moon to end the day

Happy Happy Birthday Neil! We've been celebrating for days (the first three photos are from last nights party with the Frost side of the fam)but today, September 19,  is Neil's actual birthday. He woke up this morning to cuddles and gifts from the kids and I. Then he had a busy day at work but was spoiled there too with lots of love and treats all very much deserved. He's a good guy, my very best friend and the love of my life and I feel grateful for him everyday. I love you Rueben and am glad you had a good birthday.


  1. Yay you can post pics again! I'm glad he was spoiled at work too. Happy Birthday Neil, nothing crazy about knowing how special you are.

  2. Tear to my Love ya'llz.