Monday, 3 September 2012

Road trip for some new school wears

My sister and I took the kids (minus Oscker-too small so he stayed with my parents) on a trip south of the border to get some new duds for school. We left early Thursday morning (August 30) and returned home late Saturday night (September 1). It was a successful trip and lots of bargains were found. Jack and Lily were troupers as the days started early and ended late but we managed to make it work with breaks for treats and movies. This was our 3rd year in a row, first time for Lily.
Have we started a tradition?!?!

nice morning to start our journey

crazy family

almost in Vancouver
77 minute wait to get across
Day 1 exhaustion set in early for my poor Flower

Day 2 at Target

she loved the mirrors and trying on clothes

we had a break at the American Girl bistro for treats.
notice McKenna seated with us and her teacup.
that place is all about details!!! it's kind of crazy actually

delicious and affordable treats made for happy kids and mom

root beer float and a strawberry shake

we went to the biggest movie theatre my kids have ever seen

here you can see the worry and fear in Lily's face. she got so
worked up about the size of the theatre and the screen that
she gave herself a bloody nose. once she calmed down
she actually enjoyed the Wimpy Kid Dog Days movie.

rewarded with a swim (among other treats) at the end of a long day
back in Canada at Horseshoe Bay waiting for the ferry to arrive

so grateful for the park in Horseshoe Bay to pass the time


finally on the ferry headed home

a stop in Davis Bay was necessary to admire the amazing sunset

 ferry from Earls Cove by the light of the moon

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