Thursday, 30 October 2014


Today is my 42nd birthday and my 3 year bloggiversary. I celebrated with family last night and spent most of today alone at home. It poured rain outside so I got a big fire going and watched a lot of silly tv, re-read my birthday cards from the fam, read a lot of lovely FB/IG messages and answered a few birthday texts/phone calls. I didn't really do much of anything but that is what I wanted. I am feeling slightly melancholy but nothing I won't get over. Weird time. I picked up the kids from school, took Lily to swimming lessons and then met Neil and the 4 of us went for supper at Costa del Sol - highlight of the day. Now I'm off to bed another year counted. I can't believe I'm 42 and I also can't believe I've kept this blog up for three years! 462 posts to date. What will the coming year bring? I'd love to dream of a move and some travel. Time will tell!  

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