Sunday, 2 November 2014

Hallowe'en 2014

 Another great Hallowe'en - Jackson was the best and we think, the only whoppie cushion in town and Lily was the sweetest and at times, scariest pumpkin witch. October was the month of storms and never ending rain until the 31st when the sun came out and made for a perfectly wonderful and very happy Hallowe'en! This year we visited my Granny and her friends in her new home at the Kiwanis Center then met our gang of friends to trick or treat for a couple hours before heading to another friends house for fireworks. People really went all out this year. There were lots of characters waiting to open their doors, outstanding pumpkins lighting walkways and at one house a haunted maze to go through in order to get some candy. They had a great sound system blarring spooky sounds and crazy projections in their front window. Lily would not go near it! The kids got an obscene amount of candy including several cans of pop and regular sized chocolate bars. I wish they were still young enough to believe in the exchange fairy but I guess we'll just limit it as best we can. After awhile they seem to forget then I bring what remains to work and leave it for clients to enjoy. Lily is already planning out her costume ideas for next year. Until then, a memory of our first Hallowe'en as parents...
...poor 2 week old Jackson didn't care much for his first holiday!

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