Friday, 5 December 2014

Almost 9

Somehow, tomorrow, my sweet little flower will turn 9! She is creative, wild, witty and amazing. She's a bundle of crazy energy with big dreams. She is extremely sensitive at times while others she is super easy going. She is particular about what food she eats ("fast food is trash food") but certainly loves sweet things! She is everything I dreamed of when I hoped to have a daughter. I love you Flower. Now for the birthday quiz...

1. Tomorrow you'll be 9, how do you think you'll feel when you wake up
     " really excited"

2. What are you most proud of yourself for?
     "doing well at school and eating American Corn Pops"

3. Describe yourself in three words
    "crazy, awesome and good"

4. What do you want to do when you grow up?
     "be on a tv show with my friends"

5. Where do you think you'll go to college
    "Fairy University"

6. Who is your hero?
    "Santa Claus"

7. What do you like most about school?
    "recess and lunch, seeing my friends"

8. What is something that makes you angry?
    "annoying people"

9. What makes you happy?

10. Who is the kindest person you know?
      "my family"

11. What is your favourite
      movie "A Charlie Brown Christmas"  food "pasta" song "Green Christmas"
      month "December" tv show "The Next Step"  book "Ivy & Bean"

 12. Where do you hope to live when you grow up?
      "London, Paris, Monte Carlo or New York City - The Big Apple" 

13. Do you dream of anything?
      "meeting Santa Claus"

14. Describe your family...
      Dad "he loves me"  Mom "caring and nice" Jackson "loves hockey"

15. What do you like about your brother?
      "he's a good friend and brother"

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  1. Happy Birthday Lily! I hope nine is divine! I love these birthday posts and the questions and answers. You're making so many beautiful memories right here!