Monday, 27 February 2017


 "a portrait of, and occasionally a quote from my children, once a week, every week, in 2017"

Jackson: I was lucky enough to be keeping score when my boy was called to the Penalty Box. He was a little horrified/annoyed that I immediately pulled out my phone for a picture but I don't think totally surprised.
He rarely goes in the box so I couldn't help myself plus it was for such silliness (too many men on the ice). Sorry Jackson. Had to be done. 

Lily: In Kindergarten and Grade 1, the school would keep the gym door open during assemblies and never turn the lights completely off as Lily was so anxious. Daily, we'd have to stay with her in the classroom for a large part of the morning or be forced to leave her full of tears as she struggled to let go. On Friday, my girl went up in front of the entire school and told jokes for the Talent Show. She's come a long long way and I was filled with pride and several of my own tears. So so awesome!!!

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  1. Lily has come so far - you must be so proud. And you can see how annoyed Jackson is - bless him! x