Tuesday, 23 August 2016


"a portrait of, and occasionally a quote from my children, once a week, every week, in 2016"

Jackson: Feeling HUGE joy just after the cast was sawed off. He isn't totally out of the woods but is now sporting a velcro tensor bandage for another month rather than the big bulky cast he can't swim with. He felt a little crushed when the doc said to take it easy until mid September but has turned it around with the purchase of new hockey gear and thoughts of getting on the ice soonish.

Lily: My sweet fish had a great time at Eagle Falls recently. The place scares me to death but she sure enjoyed. 

Living Arrows

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


"a portrait of, and occasionally a quote from my children, once a week, every week, in 2016"

Jackson: The never ending saga of a cast in the summertime continues. You can barely see it peeking out in the picture above. We spent the day at the beach with a bunch of his friends and although he wore a bag, the cast ultimately met some water over the course of the day. Friday we will go to the cast clinic and hopefully get a new x-ray and some good news. We all have our fingers and toes crossed everything has healed up nicely. 

Lily: Her day at the beach consisted of reading, swimming and taking pictures of her older brother getting into trouble with his friends. She brought 6 books to the beach (lol, no joke. Her backpack weighed a ton!) including a couple shorter Roald Dahl books. She got through two before the day was done and felt very proud of herself.

Friday, 12 August 2016

A Sunset and a Couple Otter Friends

The other night, Neil, Lily and I went for a walk on the Seawalk while waiting for Jackson who needed a pick up later that evening. Not only were we treated to a spectacular sunset but also got to see a couple of sweet otters play. I take it this pair are pretty used to people and cameras as they were literally stopping and looking straight into my lens at times. Well maybe I'm dreaming but they sure seemed happy to play and occasionally stop everything to turn to the camera. Such fun to watch. We kept our distance as they are wild animals but certainly enjoyed the little show they gave us as well as the amazing sunset show nature put on. What a night!  

It's been another long while since I've joined in, but am back to link up with Jen over at Pierced Wonderings again. Go check out here beautiful photos of Waikiki for Photo Friday here.
Pierced Wonderings

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

A Mid Summer Catch-up

BEWARE - lots of pictures followed by long winded babble. 

How we love the Robinson family!!!
Lily on the radio again. 
Cast signers crowding around for a turn.
Laughing Oyster is always amazing!
Savary Day with the Armstrongs!!!
Up and at em at 4am to catch the early ferry. 
Shopping in Lynwood

I can hardly believe we are already just over half way through summer. Story of my life - time is flying yet again. So far, so great other than the broken wrist. At least the cast has been well loved by friends and family. There's not much room left for signatures and well wishes. 

A little catch-up...
 We had two lots of friends come and visit basically back to back. Both families are good friends and requested trips to Savary. You can see our trip with the Robinson clan here. We had a super visit with them including a wonderful day on South Beach. Things didn't go as well for our visit with the Armstrong family. We had a great first day with a lovely supper at the Laughing Oyster but our day on Savary turned out horribly. All of us had made it to the beach except for Trina who no sooner had uttered the words "how beautiful" when she tumbled on rolling driftwood. I was just ahead of her and actually started to laugh until she turned over and I saw her face. A baseball sized black and blue goose-egg had formed on her forehead and she was now sporting a lot of road rash on her face. Her thumb was a mangled mess. I couldn't believe my eyes and quickly went to her side. Very long story short, all is well now but Savary is not the place to get injured. We waited hours for help and eventually she was picked up by the Coast Guard and taken to a waiting ambulance in Lund where they transported to the hospital. It was craziness. Peter went with her and the rest of us stayed on the beach to wait for our reserved water taxi a few hours later. This means, tragically, no photos of any fun on South Beach that day. I've been to Savary so many times. Every so often I've wondered what would happen if someone was injured and needed emergency help.  I hope I never have the experience again and also am grateful things turned out well. My beautiful friend Trina is still, weeks later, sporting two black eyes but is feeling better. 

After the Armstrong's headed home with a bruised up Trina, Neil, Jack and Lily and I went on a 8 day road trip holiday to Seatlle, Portland and Vancouver. We got Lily tickets to see Chris Colfer on tour (a little more about that here)just north of Seattle so we decided to make that the start of our holiday. We stayed a couple nights in Lynwood then headed to Portland to visit the Roller family. We had a lovely couple days with them. We did a day trip to Cannon Beach with their daughter Lily - how amazing to get to Cannon Beach in just over an hour from your home!!! I was so grateful to get to one of my fav places even for the day. We enjoyed our usual spots - Haystack Rock, Ecola State Park, Indian Point, Pizza a Feta, Bruce's Candy, Duebers. We were there for around 5 hours then headed back to Portland to meet the rest of the fam for supper at 28th & SE Division Food Cart-A-Palooza. So fun and great to have so many options for all our different appetites. Lily and Lily get along like they see each other weekly. It was great to let them reconnect. Little Anya loves my Jackson and he was seemingly full of patience for her when she wanted to hold his hand when we walked from supper or to read stories to her. Justin & Osha are outstanding and beyond hospitable! We are so lucky to know them.

We left Portland on Thursday and drove back to Coquitlam to stay with the Armstrong's. Jackson's baseball team made the Provincials and as we had a free place to stay, we went to every game so Jackson's could sit on the bench and be the loudest cheerleader out there for the boys as they tried for gold. Everyone was so happy to see him. It made my heart happy that he was able to be there and participate with his loud voice and with grabbing bats and balls when needed. He got to take the field with the team for player of the game trophies and also received the swag bag and a t-shirt. The whole team and families went to a Vancouver Canadians game one night. Neil and I joined and left Lily at home with Trina. It was great fun, the Canadians won and the game was followed up with a great fireworks display. The boys ended up losing 9-8 in the semi finals. It was a sad finish for them but really they should feel proud of how far they went.

So far, we've seen a lot of great people, done a load of driving,  ate too much, enjoyed lots of great weather and had a good time away.  Summertime has been pretty good to us, in PR and on holiday. Friends are so good to us. I'm grateful beyond words for our life. Cheers to the last few weeks of easy summertime fun! I'm dreaming of more sunshine, beach time, friend visits (Kevin? maybe, please) and seeing Duran Duran again at the end of the month in Vancouver. Fingers crossed!