Friday, 4 July 2014

MIX TAPE 1 - Summertime in the late 80's

I'm a huge fan of Rebecca Woolf and her blog Girl's Gone Child - thank you Lise for pointing me in her direction. My blog has never been about the writing and I will never be the writer she is however she does inspire me to try harder. She has a feature called Mix Tape that I especially enjoy. Music is memories and always takes me places. So...this is Part 1 of my Mix Tape, hopefully one of many.

Tears for Fears ALWAYS remind me of summertime in the mid to late 80's, especially Everybody Wants to Rule The World. I had great friends (who are still great friends) and we had a ton of fun.
^^^This was our family's cabin and where I spent most summers growing up. It's in a bay overlooking the Straight of Georgia with Dinner Rock just to your right and behind that Savary Island. It was paradise and I have THE BEST memories of the place. Early on, my sister and I would spend our days playing restaurant, making burgers and fries out of seaweed and swimming whenever we felt like it. Cousins would come and visit and on occasion my parents would let us each have a friend come and stay for a couple of days. We had fires on the beach and ate fresh salmon anytime my Dad was lucky on the water. I read a lot of books - Sweet Valley High was a favourite for a lot of years. I know I often got bored and wanted to go back to town to see friends but looking back now I realize how fortunate I was to have that time there. We'd stay for weeks on end. There was nothing but a little radio which was always on and blaring our local station CHQB. Blissful. We had a generator for power and a working toilet and sink, no shower though. I remember bending over the sink to have my hair washed then my mom braiding in after patting it dry. I also clearly remember the one summer she made us donuts. I still can't believe the efforts she went to to make us happy. I can't imagine deep frying donuts on a little tiny propane stove but she did it for us and I can still remember how they tasted! When I was old enough, it was a place to go with my friends or Neil, without parents. It was like having a little home to ourselves with an ocean view and so. much. fun! Tragically after my grandfather passed away, my Granny sold the place. It had become a burden to her and she wanted out. It really was heaven on earth and there are a certain few of us who will never regret anything more than the day this place was sold. It should still be in the family and my kids should know it too. It kills my heart but I will always cherish the special times and memories I had there. Everybody Wants to Rule The World was released in 1985, peak cabin time for me. I know I loved it then and am happy to let my mind wander to our cabin whenever I hear it.^^^
 ^^^We were really just kids but I loved him quick. That Marlboro shirt was a fixture the first year we were together.^^^
 ^^^At the cabin with two of my oldest and bestest friends Gwen and Theresa.^^^
 ^^^We camped a lot. This was Duck Lake Island. Do you remember this Juhli? How about Neil with his hand on my leg? Such a big move! AND my Canada Cooler and Theresa's U2 shirt!^^^
 ^^^Inland Lake, where Neil + Jen all began.^^^
 ^^^Many a summer, when not at the cabin, was spent at Second Beach with that yellow Sony Ghetto Blaster, magazines, coca cola, doritos and baby oil all over our bodies trying to get the perfect tan. Miss you Brooke Henderson.^^^
^^^Hiking was a weekly activity.^^^
 ^^^more camping^^^
 ^^^I did work. When I was 15, I got a job Friday evenings and all day Saturday as a receptionist at Sun Coast Travel in the mall. This did mean missing the occasional outing here and there but I got a paycheck twice a month so it was worth it. This blurry photo is me with my very first paycheck on the ferry headed to the Island to spend it. ^^^
^^^Back at Duck Lake Island. I've always loved this photo as Neil reminds me of my first love, Simon LeBon ☺ ^^^
 ^^^These two meant the world to me. I love you both Lise and Theresa.^^^
 ^^^Birthday fun for one of my favourite Leo's. I think this was Theresa's 17th. Look at how young and alive we were!^^^
 ^^^We LOVED the outdoors and still do but sometimes life gets in the way!.^^^
 ^^^Lise, you were always the picture of perfection and still are!^^^
 ^^^Always in or near the water.^^^
^^^Models/hikers. We were kids and life was perfect.^^^


  1. What a love letter Jen, to summer, the cabin, first love, friendship and the songs that were the soundtrack to it all. What would we do without sentimental you to put it all out there so sweetly? Hugs and kisses to you on your summer journey tomorrow. Xoxo Lise