Friday, 18 May 2012

Road trip part 1 Vancouver

waiting for the ferry in Langdale. we're almost in Vancouver!


Toys R Us was one of the first stops on our trip.
Lily had $40 burning a hole in her pocket

$40 to finally get the Lalaloopsy house that she's been wanting for ages

Spanish Banks

Vancouver is a beautiful city! I forgot how much I loved it!

our first meeting with Isabella! SO precious!

our great friends Zoe and Michael

Las Margaritas on 4th

happy family

great candy store on 4th! Michael and Neil helped the lady running the store
upright a fallen display and she gave us all we had to purchase for free!

we visited La Casa Gelato on Venables. Jackson picked several awful flavours including garlic for Michael
to try then he did the same for Neil. I preferred my choice of chocolate oreo. Ashley Ash paid us a special visit there too!

Day 1 Powell River to Vancouver. The kids were hyped up to get out of town. I was worried about getting them up so early but they were dressed and ready and waiting for us! We picked up Neil's mom around 6:40 then headed for the ferry. We arrived in Van 11:30ish and headed to our hotel to check in. We took Neil's mom to meet her friend who she would stay with for the next two nights and then we went and picked up Michael, Zoe and Isabella who had arrived from the UK 3 days before. It was so good to see them and meet Isabella. We had a super day at Spanish Banks, a great meal at Las Margaritas then tons of fun eating candy on West 4th and meeting Ashley at La Casa Gelato. Back to the hotel around 10 to crash hard after such a long but perfect day!

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