Tuesday, 19 June 2012

bits from our weekend...another one alone together

Neil and I were lucky enough to enjoy two weekends in a row together kid free and away from town. This is rare but wonderful. The real reason for the trip was to go to a surprise party Saturday night but we took advantage to having some time and managed some shopping and visits too.

We left PR early Friday morning and got to Van around noon. We then headed to the border to have an afternoon in Bellingham. We shopped at Targetand Bellis Fair, ate some Taco Bell, had a strawberry lemonade at McDonalds and just really enjoyed some time together. Neil was a tremendous sport as he did all things for me when what he really wanted was to go record shopping. It was fun and as always we spent way too much $$. After we crossed back over to Canada, Neil went out for the evening with his cousin and I met some friends to help decorate for the surprise party. I've been so excited to reunite with these friends, some of whom I haven't seen in ages and was able to visit with several  Friday then see the rest Saturday for the party. It was so great to see everyone and LONG OVERDUE! I have been missing my Vancouver girls so very much lately and this party to celebrate Tanya's 40th (a little early) was just what I needed. We ate well, drank too much and laughed til our bellies hurt! It was wonderful and SO. MUCH. FUN!!!

early morning on the ferry in the gorgeous sunshine

a stop in Davis Bay for breakfast. before kids we'd stop here all the time
coming to and from PR. it's a bit pricey so now we usually find ourselves at
Wendy's or Subway. but this trip was about us so stop we did!!!

flying along HWY 101 after just arriving in Van. i'm a
terrible passenger but managed to let Neil drive most of this trip

crossing the line

an inexpensive but delicious treat

we met a newly engaged ♥couple for lunch at Stephos on Davie.
so happy for you two!

back at the hotel Armstrong the fun began

ready to party. too bad about the rain
amazing snacks kept us full all night

the beautiful Carrie made amazing shots and i had too many

hollow out large strawberries. mix jello packet, vodka and peach schmnapps and let
set in your fridge. garnish with mint and enjoy but be careful as they are
 really really good and very dangerous

the gorgeous birthday girl. i love you Tanya

three of my favourite people



girlfriends forever

back in Horseshoe Bay waiting to head home after a super weekend

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