Friday, 22 June 2012

Pirate Day & Strawberry Tea

Pirate Day for the K/1's

After several weeks of everything 'pirates', Lily's class and two others had a Pirate Day celebration. The teachers, SSA's and students all dressed up for the occasion, played tons of pirate related games and finished it all with a lovely and huge array of pirate snacks. Lily and I didn't try the weiner octopusses in the pic below (just too much for me with their mustard eyes sitting in a pool of ketchup!) but they were a big hit and didn't last long! Our teachers are so much fun and Lily is lucky to be in such a great school for grade 1.

Strawberry Tea

In the afternoon, the kids performed at the Strawberry Tea...a special afternoon of performances, tea and cake for parents and volunteers. The gym was beautifully decorated with tons of art and the kids all put on a great show. Tears or pride did flow. I'm too soft! 

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