Thursday, 27 September 2012

Happy Birthday Sarah

card by Lily, apparently a patchwork sunshine quilt


sorry Syd, I couldn't resist! you're not alone with the silly expressions.
check out Papa in the background!!!
Today is my beautiful sister Sarah's 37th birthday. We celebrated with a family supper of homemade
deep fried french fries (yes I know they don't fit the WW plan☺), bbq steak, strawberry margs followed up with yet another chocolate cake covered in caramel icing. It was all delicious at the time but I'm feeling pretty regretful now nearing bedtime with such a full belly. Why don't I ever have any willpower?! YUCK! Such a horrible way to head to sleep. At least we started our day with a long walk right Sarah?!?!
Happy birthday to you "ooooo, that's a lot of ice cream" sister! I love you always!

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