Monday, 3 September 2012

let's go the beach one last time before school starts tomorrow

We headed to Palm Beach today to enjoy the sun and surf one last time before school begins tomorrow. Lots of family and friends came out. We ate, we played frisbee and bocce, we swam and skimmed, we climbed the rocks and threw some and just enjoyed a wonderful day. I am full of gratitude for this lovely end to an amazing summer. Our bodies have been kissed by the sunshine a lot and have colour to show for it. We are so fortunate! Capping today off was Jackson saying when we left the beach what a great summer we have had. I'm glad he feels it too!

my two moms


friends and cousins

more friends and cousins


our gang

some silliness

LOVELY SUNSET after a lovely day
now they sleep to grades 4 and 2 while mommy cries in disbelief

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