Monday, 8 October 2012

bits from our weekend-a long and thankful one


...was a little crazy. I had a nice breakfast date with my mom, we dropped her vehicle off to get serviced then ran a few errands. In the afternoon just as I was picking up the kids from school, I got a phone call from my very upset sis-in-law saying that she had been called into work (I know  ridiculous but she had no choice) and needed help as she was hosting 17 of us for the Frost fam Thanksgiving supper. So off I went with kids in tow. The turkey was already in the oven (yay Ashley)so there wasn't much for me to do besides watch the 7 kids and wait for others to arrive with their contributions for supper. Needless to say, it was a bit chaotic and (shocking) I took no photos other than the few you see. Baby Joe was my sidekick for most of the night as well as my one bottle of cider. All things considered, it turned out well and we all left full.

off to the matinee showing of Nemo in 3D

then a walk in the townsite


I just can't get enough

still loads of blooms around

Sunday is the day we really celebrated Thanksgiving and what a lovely day it was. We are blessed and I feel grateful for so much. I am healthy, surrounded by love and very happy. It was a good day.
Sunday morning visitor to our beach

big breakfast

another trip to Toquenatch for me, first one for the fam

then to Dinner Rock park

back to town for another walk before we head for supper

turkey time
I'm especially thankful for the amazing supper my mom cooked and that we got to eat with our family. 4 generations were at the table and we enjoyed too much turkey, mash pots, carrots from the garden, brocolli and cauliflower with cheese sauce, stuffing and my dad's amazing french bread. What a feast!

capped off Thanksgiving supper with apple crisp and vanilla ice cream

Monday we headed back to Dinner Rock Park with the Mayenbugs to have a picnic and enjoy yet another amazing day.

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  1. Gorgeous pictures! I especially love the ones taken down by the water (dinner rock park?). Happy Thanksgiving! x