Sunday, 14 October 2012

bits from our weekend

boooooo to no sunshine in sight!!!
breakie at Magpies, my gf`s new dog Higgins and a supper date with Lily

evening walk in the wind to admire the leaves that are falling fast,
a stop to pick up the mail and home for some Charlie Brown
a little visit to SB`s before hockey. Jack played really well but there are no photos
as I was a timekeeper and couldn`t do both. He scored 4 goals and his team won

I`ve been waiting for this evening for months and it finally came. Then we find out an hour before the show
that Mr. Stuart McLean didn`t make it to Powell River due to the weather!!! SO SO
disappointing! Apparently he will return in February and our tickets will be good to go then.

Neil and I with our Mom`s waiting to watch the Vinyl Cafe`s musical guest who did make it to PR


Summer is definately over and the cold has arrived. Flannels it is!

Sunday walk around Cranberry Lake and to Sunset Park. Fall colour everywhere!!!

first lighting of the woodstove this year

another amazing beautiful and very pink sunset this evening

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