Sunday, 21 October 2012

bits of our weekend

Friday - So much happened on Friday it deserved it own post. Check it out here


great supper and some Just Dance 4 at the Mayenburgs

Sleepover for the girls
anyone getting tired of all the leaf shots I'm posting? I just can't get enough

some park time and play

I try and get this shot every year
my sister and I went for a walk around the lake today.
several times lately people have asked if we are twins!!! I just don't see it.
I'm three years older, have dark hair and eyes and she's
got brown hair with light streaks and green eyes.
Friday was definately the highlight of the weekend otherwise it was very typical. Some park time, lots of hockey, a couple of walks...good friends, good food, good life. No complaints other than a wish to see some more sunshine. We are fotunate and happy. Next weekend will be my last (gasp and cry) in my 30's. To say that I'm fearful of the number that's coming October 30 would be a tremendous understatement!!! Hopefully next weekend will be just as good as this one and I'll forget about all my troubles with 40.

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