Monday, 10 December 2012

bits from our weekend



Friday Jackson's class headed to the Olive Devaud Home to sing carols to the old folks.  I love this field trip but I find it hard to keep it together. I struggle as I know that this means the world to these people. They are so lonely and long for events like this one just to chat and be with others. Jackson's teacher had each kid make a paper poinsettia and write their favorite Christmas memory in the middle. After they finished their songs, the kids were asked to go around and share their memories with as many as would listen and ask to hear a favorite of recipients in return. I pointed out a lady in the back waiting/hoping to meet a young one and watched as Jackson headed to her. Tears stung my eyes as she quickly grabbed his hand and hung on as he told her his story and gave her the poinsettia. This scene warmed and broke my heart all at once. I think we need to go more often just to visit. I don't know that they don't have families coming often or that these folks head out once in awhile to shop and/or go out to eat but they sure seemed like they wanted the company. It felt lonely and made me wonder about the future. I guess you never know where you'll land. 

Friday evening Lily celebrated turning 7 with her best friends. The girls spent a bit of time on the beach, decorated gingerbread, ate mac cheese and pizza, opened prezzies, sang Happy Birthday and had angel food cake, danced, played pass the parcel, played Lala's and had a super fun evening. Around 9 we drove a few home then got the beds ready for the remaining 6. They played beauty salon, watched Elf and had lights out by 11but the whispering continued for a bit. Saturday they were up and ready to continue to party at 7:00! Pancake breakfast followed by more play then home by 1:30. It was a LONG party but a good one. Once we returned home from dropping everyone off and picking up Jack, I got the kids all dressed up in their Christmas finest and headed to Dinner Rock park to take photos for our Christmas card. Success was had pretty quickly - yay! Pictured are some outtakes. Saturday evening I headed out on the town with 20 other friends to celebrate my gf's Leah's 40th. It was a great night. Good food and good fun! Home again by 1:30am then up and at em for Sunday morning hockey practice then home again for a lazy day before returning to town for a hockey game at 4:15. This was followed by a team pizza party to celebrate a big win. Back home again around 7, some tv, and off to bed as exhaustion set in after another busy good weekend.

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