Sunday, 16 December 2012

bits from our weekend




Beautiful start to our weekend with lovely weather Friday moring. The mountains on across the water from us on Vancouver Island are all snow capped now. Friday evening was Neil's Christmas party. It was the best work party I've been to in a long while..even Santa showed up and got the crowd singing Christmas carols!!! The food was fantastic and there were lots of laughs. It'll be hard to top in years to come!
Saturday was pretty typical. Hockey and a birthday party. I found an Adidas track suit that I bought for Lily when she was a baby. The thing has been hanging in her closet and I decided to pull it out to see if it fits. Success and also a total change in attitude. She is pretty entertaining most days but this suit brought out a whole other side. Tons of fun for her and us!
Sunday was awesome! Lily and I didn't leave the house or our pajamas ALL. DAY. LONG!!! Yay. This is such a rare thing but it sure was wonderful. We watched movies, wrapped Christmas presents and made cards. Lily designed her own and filled out 10 cards for some very very lucky people and fortunately I made the cut! She is very thoughtful and I loved what she wrote it each card. So so sweet! Neil and Jackson left for hockey before 7am and didn't return until lunchtime then left again to do some shopping in town. Then they returned and made us dinner followed by strawberry milkshakes. Fantastic way to end the weekend before we head into a very busy week and a hockey tourney out of town next weekend. Off to Campbell River we go until the 23rd! Craziness! Fingers crossed no storms come next weekend and leave us stranded on the Island for Christmas!

PS. I feel it's disrespectful not to mention that my heart hurt all weekend long for those families in Conneticut who lost loved ones on Friday. It really is unimaginable and such a tragedy.

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