Saturday, 26 January 2013


"The Liebster Award is for bloggers with under 300 followers and the rules of the award is that the nominee must link back to whoever awarded them, write 11 random facts about themselves, answer the 11 questions from the award giver, and then nominate another 11 bloggers and make up 11 questions for them to answer. It's a great way for new and undiscovered bloggers to meet new people, get more followers and find some blogs that they want to follow."

Beautiful Suzie from one of my fav weekly reads The view from here awarded me a Liebster!!! Can you believe it?! I am still shocked anyone besides family and close friends even know my blog exsists let alone people from across the world! Thank you Suzie. It means the world!
So, in the Liebster spirit, here are 11 random things about me (this bit scares me to death-TMI):
1. Neil and I have been together since July 8, 1989. 23 years and counting.  He is my everything!
2. Cannon Beach, Oregon is my favorite vacation destination. I have been there over 20 times and I  love it there. I would go every single year if time and $$ allowed. \
3. I don't wear makeup except when going out for a night on the town. Oil of Olay face cream and Burts Bees for the lips is it every day. This will probably change in the next few years.
4. I drive the ugliest van around, a 2003 blue Pontiac Trans Port. We paid $1100 cash for it and refer to it as The Space Shuttle. We've had it for years and it's been very good to us despite it's looks (lol). It gets us to and from so I suppose that's all I need.
5. I regularly dream of my elementary school and my family cabin, two places I can no longer get into but long to re-explore. Cranberry Lake Elementary is now privately owned and the cabin was sold after my grandfather died in 1990.
6. I get People magazine in the mail. Guilty pleasure!!! (Kevin!)
7. I love Fall
8. My son plays hockey and is good at it but I don't like it. I think it's terribly rough and too political. I'm a good mom and go cheer him on but it's not my thing and honestly it scares me how passionate he is about it.
9. I worry and regret too much and wear my heart on my sleeve. I'm too soft.
10. I/we are not house proud. Sad I know. I wish I was and it's something I strive for.
11. I STRONGLY disklike snakes and spiders.
1. What is your favourtie film? I love loads but Whale Rider stands out. I could watch It's a Wonderful Life, E.T., Sense and Sensibility and Parenthood a million times over too.
2. Best holiday memories? Summertime in the 80's at our family cabin north of Powell River in a bay that looked out to Dinner Rock and Savary Island. Listening to CHQB on a little radio while laying on the rocky beach reading Tiger Beat, Smash Hits, Seventeen or YM eating chips and drinking pop. Perfection that I didn't realize at the time but certainly know now. We spent most of our summer there, eating fresh salmon that my dad caught that day for supper. My sister and I would play resturant serving up burgers and fries made of seaweed. We had beach fires and roasted marshmallows. Often my parents would let us each have friend join us for several days. How I'd love to go back. 
3. If you could shadow somone for a day, who would you choose and why? too hard, I'll have to answer at a later date.
4. Are you a town or country person? Country for sure but I find it necessary to visit the big city a few times a year to get my fix.
5. What is the best place you have lived and why? Right where I'm at right now (even though we are still renting) because I get to be next to the sea, live rural but still super close to my family. It was a tough decision to leave Vancouver and come back "home" to Powell River but it was the right and best decision we made for our family.
6. Where do you want to be in 5 years time? As ever, slimmer and healthier, but also in our very own house next to the sea...yes a big dream but you never know!
7. What is your favourtie book? This is tough but I guess Light a Penny Candle by Maeve Binchy. I've read it a few times and love it every time I do. It's been years since I've read it so I'll have to give it another read to see if I still feel the same about it.
8. What is the best thing about blogginf for you? I'm not comfortable writing so I like the challenge and it's a super easy way to allow my extended family and friends to keep up with us.
9. Whose style do you admire and why? also too hard and will be answered at a later date
10. What is the best piece of advice you've ever been given? My mom told me to "never go to sleep with anger or a fight" just before I moved to the city with Neil. It's a hard thing to live by sometimes but I believe in it.
11. Chocolate or cheese? Absolutely chocolate!

1. Favourtie quote.
2. What is your ideal day off?
3. Dream holiday if money is no object?
4. Best childhood memory.
5. Glass half empty of half full?
6. Favourite film?
7. John or Paul?
8. Summer or winter?
9. Favourtie scent?
10. City or country mouse?
11. What do you like about blogging?


Honestly, I feel a little silly nominating anyone as I`m so new to this but hopefully they will be as thrilled to get the Liebster.

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Thanks again Suzie. It`s been fun!


  1. Fantastic!!! I am so happy for you; Kev and I did your questionnaire.

  2. bless you jen, and your beautiful words you left for me! I was given this little award a few months after I started blogging too :) promise I'll get to it as soon as I can! with miss 5 starting school in a week the blog is being neglected x

  3. Ah my pleasure Jen and thank you do much for your kind words! Your summer memories sound completely idyllic and I am with you on It's a Wonderful Life. I've really enjoyed reading your answers x

  4. I love reading this and finding out more about you, lovely to meet you and thank you for this award (my post is up already)! /maria x

  5. Thank you so much for spreading some bloggy love over here Jen and nice to meet you :-) I love finding out more about Bloggers with these awards. I have a terrible track record with getting these things done but will get onto it soon, promise! Mel x