Saturday, 16 February 2013


Sorry for the language. My sister texted me this photo the other day and it made me laugh (thankfully) because it's exactly how I feel. My diet isn't doing well at all!!!  I'm in a rut and it's depressing. At every turn, I'm hearing or seeing dramatic weight loss in friends and acquaintances but for some reason I cannot seem to wrap my head around the tools it takes to rid myself of these extra pounds. It's been years. This battle is something I cannot seem to win. I get it. Eat less move more. Mindful eating. DAILY excercise. It's not rocket science. I'm failing miserably with WW because I'm not following the program.  I like the wrong foods and need to get my body moving more. Next weekend I'm headed to the city to see some of my very best girlfriends. Part of me is super excited and the other part would rather just not go as I'm so unhappy with me. When and how will I ever have the WILLPOWER it takes?!?!  Lily came bursting into the bathroom the other morning and the first thing she said was "some people don't have much love in their lives because they only love themselves". I think loving myself is where I need to start. Until then, this cartoon!!! 


  1. This was a very brave thing to write Jen. You are one of the most loved people I know and part of that is because of the love and care you hand out to all of us. I wish it were as easy as holding up a little mirror to reflect back at ourselves and really absorb how other love us or see us as beautiful and adopt it personally. I believe in you that you have strength and the want for this change to make yourself a priority.
    Hugs and love Jen,

  2. I share your pain Jen. Loved this cartoon - made me laugh out loud! x

  3. Jen, know that you're not alone. I often think that one day the whole food/exercise will make sense and I'll figure out a way to be healthy and have a balanced weight. I know there are many programs out there that help people and I've participated in some of them as well but somehow I think (for me) it has to be an internal switch that happens because all the external ideas/programs etc. don't seem sustainable to me otherwise I would have found something that worked that I could stick with. The joke is hilarious and it's good to have a sense of humour about this but the sentiment is also true. I hope for both of us (and many others) that there are times in the future where this is less of a struggle. I love you.