Monday, 11 March 2013

Sunday hike with the family

SO lovely to be kissed by the sun this weekend!!!  Saturday was beautiful but we were busy with birthday parties and other things so we didn't have much time outside together. Sunday morning started out overcast but once we'd made the easy hike up Valentine Mountain, the clouds parted and the warmth of the sun shone down on us and boy it was lovely. My sister and parents joined me and the kids, poor Neil was working yet again. It was a great hour and a bit outside in the sun before we went back to my parents for supper before hockey. Lily and I hadn't had enough outside time so she biked and I walked/ran beside her the couple km to the game.  It was a perfect Sunday even if Jack's team didn't win. Sunshine=happy!
I took only 3 photos Saturday even though we were at a birthday party!!
This is my handsome nephew Joe. He's a busy 22 month old sweetheart.

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