Friday, 5 April 2013

bits - iPhone, hipstamatic, instagram & snapseed

1. a stripped flower in the sun
2. her pen is always busy
3. sweet lOve
4. sunshine
5. Juhli and Miss P
6. fire
7. picking flowers with Nana Jane
8. beauty
9/10/11/12 beautiful evening on our beach
13. final skate of the season, a fun one
14. mind the gap
15. can't get enough daffs
16. magnolia's
17/18 9 years later
19/20/21/22 cousins at Willingdon Beach, home to Popeye and his friends

1 comment:

  1. My favourite has to be Jack when he was little and then now in the red train.. amazing. I also love the kids on the Popeye figures at Willingdon (way to ignore the "do the climb" signs ;) We did it when we were kids and survived !!