Wednesday, 17 April 2013

nature in the home - week 5

I can hardly carry on with Lou's Nature in the Home series without mentioning our Ficus. I bought this as a little 6 inch Fig when Neil and I first moved in together in 1992 in Vancouver. It has grown as we have grown together. It survived our move back to Powell River and seems now to be growing out instead of up. It is pretty root bound in this pot but doesn't seem to mind. It sits in a pretty busy spot in our livingroom and I believe it survives because of all the attention it gets just because of where it is in our house. I often say to Neil that if this plant dies I'd be awfully worried about us. Basically it is our first child (smile). It is the one and only house plant that has survived all these years. Some days I think about switching out the pot it's in for something a little larger but I'm afraid of killing it. Anyone have any suggestions for me please and thanks? Should I or shouldn't I?
Last week I LOVED the arrangement  of Hellebores that Claire of Just a Little Less found while she stayed at Boscrowan in Cornwall. So pretty.
I wanted also to include a photo of the camellia bush/tree where my Mother In Law cut the flowers from for my week 3 NITH. Lily is pictured in front of it and as you can see, it's amazing!
Again, joining in with Lou and several others over at Little Green Shed


  1. Lovely story behind Ficus and that camellia bush is amazing, I didn't realise they could even get that big! x

  2. i think it looks pretty happy in the pot for now, but I guess at some point it won't?! I dont know much about them, have you hit google yet? X

  3. I agree with Georgie, it looks happy in that pot for now...that pic of Lil and the Camellia bush is so beautiful and candid. lovely lady, great stuff.

  4. lovely I would be scared to touch it x