Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sunday hike on the Appleton Canyon Trail

Today we packed a lunch and headed up Wilde Road to the Appleton Canyon Trail. It was a beautiful relatively easy hike. You are definately climbing and it's a bit slippy in areas as it's rained so much lately but otherwise all good. The trees and surrounding areas all look very lush and green.  The falls were raging, loud and gorgeous. We hiked for about 30 minutes to the little bench  at Bandit Falls before we stopped for some snacks. We met several happy hikers coming and going along the way. Round trip with a stop for snacks was just over an hour and a half. Perfect for the kids!


  1. This hike looks awesome, Leif and I have been doing a hike a day (rain or shine) and did one with Oliver. I think we'll do this one with him, he likes the waterfalls and it's not too long. Perfect, thanks for the tip Jen!
    Xoxo Lise

    1. Lise, Where else have you been hiking? You will have to let me know. I'd like to make it more of a weekl tradition with Neil, the kids and I. Our little time away from it all.

  2. We've been fully exploring the duck lake area (and getting some standard driving lessons in to add to the other ones) and I've posted them all on my flickr which is looking rather green these days. I have a bare bedroom wall that is begging for forest photos to be printed up and framed all over it. But today will be your hike, with Oliver. Beautiful day, we're excited.

    Love you, positive thoughts and big hugs