Tuesday, 11 June 2013

52 weeks of happy 29&30/52


"The happiest people don't have the best of everything,
they just make the best of everything"
Making me happy this week....

♥Chocolate from the UK from a IG pal. I'm so very grateful Allison Smith (@pinsandneedles11). The kindness of friends made completely through social media, near strangers really, astounds me! Thank you again for your kindness Allison! How sweet are you!

♥Good health news for my Jack. We had some scary possibilities given to us in late February from our family doctor and finally got to see a Specialist at Children's in Vancouver who put our minds totally at ease. The night before the appointment, I had a terrible terrible dream so headed to the hospital with great fear.  Just before we got to see the doctor, I used the bathroom and out of nowhere, a ladybug landed beside me. The superstitious me knew this was a great sign and all would be well and good. I feel beyond happy my boy is healhty.

♥New babe's. Huge congrats to my beautiful cousin Veronica and her man Ryan on the birth of Elliot-we can't wait to meet you in August!  Also, to our super friends Kelly and Erin on the birth of Jasper (pictured above with Jackson). So great to have a cuddle with a 3 day old. Looking forward to doing it again in late July!

♥Savary Island on the weekend with cherished friends old and new was outstanding! The sun did not shine as we hoped for on Saturday but fun was definately had. So much food, drink, laughter, dancing, walking, photos, amazingness.  More to come in a future post. The only real issue was having to leave.

♥Another orca visit. We are blessed/fortunate to live with the ocean as our front yard. I look for whales every single day and last night, for the second time in 7 1/2 years, they came by to say hello. Check out the other visit here. (I know this has happened way more often in those 7 1/2 years however, we've only actually managed to catch it twice. Seriously!) My gratitude goes beyond anything I could put into words. Seeing these huge awesome creatures breaching out in front of our home is a huge thrill.

♥Game of Thrones. The Red Wedding episode was something else. Neil and I have not read the books so this episode was pretty harsh. I love this show.

As always, joining the beautifull Jen over at Little Birdie.

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