Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Nature in the home - Week 11

The last time I participated in NITH, the challenge was green and the photo above was my choice. I had no idea what it was but it fit the bill and reminded me of a thistles which I love. Two weeks later the challenge is 'a gift'. I have ignored my thistle looking friend since I posted my week 10. Honestly, it looked pretty on the table and was happy enough so I let it be. That is until recently when much to my surprise and delight, it flowered.  Turns out what I had stolen for green week was a Dianthus Pink or Sweet William. It continues to thrive on our kitchen table and is definately a sweet unexpected gift from nature.

From last weeks challenge I loved Bee's of The Linen Cloud's lavendar clematis. How gorgeous. I didn't participate in the 'favourite plant' week but would most likely pick freesia or peonies or lilacs or roses or...forget it, too hard to choose just one.

Again, joining in with the beautiful Lou of Little Green Shed.


  1. What a perfect gift ... surprised by beautiful colour where you only had green :D