Friday, 5 July 2013

52 weeks of happy 32&33/52

"The happiest people don't have the best of everything,
they just make the best of everything"
Life has been busy lately. Actually, it's always busy. This post is almost 3 weeks late. I look for happiness every single day and most always find it. Here are a few of my happy's for weeks 32/33...
♥End of  year field trips and in class fun. Lily's teacher is from Malaysia and liked to incorporate a lot of different cultural activities into her classroom. On Monday, she made a curry and encouraged all the kids to try it and eat it Malaysian style with their fingers. Lily LOVED this as did most of the kids in the class. Fantastic!!! Also, in the last week of school, the kids went to the beach, gymnastics club and to the high school to make bannock. I'm grateful that they get to do what they do and that their teachers look for fun in the last week of school. I was especially grateful for no shifts at work so I could go with them and that my mom was also able to join.  The bannock trip was my fav...delicious!!!
♥Really walking hand in hand with all that I said above are the two teachers that made my kids year what they did. I wrote about them here. Outstanding gorgeous women who make my heart very happy!
♥Lily finished baseball and received a medal for it. This made her happy which in turn, made me very happy!
♥It's raspberry time. Much happiness in every berry picked.
♥The last day of school was joyous and sad. There were tears shed but as you can see, the kids were overjoyed to be finished and off for a couple of months!!!
♥We had our first bbq/beach night with the family. Fresh delicious goodness.
♥I'm thrilled summer is here and the sun is shining. Every day off I've had, we've hit the beach.
There is no schedule and life is good!!!

As always, joining the lovely Jen over at Little Birdie

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  1. Great collage of pictures Jen, Lily is adorable with her lovin' the medal !! Just so cute! Love the "end of year jump" in front of the school as well. Perfect way to finish up the kids' year and make a splash into summer. Thanks for sharing!