Thursday, 18 July 2013

52 weeks of happy 35/52

"The happiest people don't have the best of everything,
they just make the best of everything"

Making me happy this week...
♥Get Lucky by Daft Punk. Really I wanted to dedicate all my happy's to music this week but couldn't figure out how to post more than one song at a time here. Get Lucky makes me smile every time I hear it. The kids love it too and honestly it brings me back to this trip on Savary while at Victor's cabin when Darcie made burgers and everyone was outside on the deck relaxing after a long walk. Perfection especially the look on Josh and Chantelle's faces when the song came on! 
If I could've posted four, my other picks would've been
Shortie by Hannah Georgas because it's fun and makes me want to dance. I also really like her song Enemies.
Just Like Heaven by The Cure because it was played a lot in July 1989 and brings back the happiest of memories of my first summer with my best friend and love Neil.
Love the Nite Away by DJ Kaos because it's a warm night dancing on the beach song and I love it.

Besides music, also making me happy...
♥Sunsets. We are beyond blessed to live here and see the most incredible sunsets night after night. They never disappoint and I will never tire of watching the sun go down.
♥Old friends + lunch out = very happy!
♥Kids. It always amazes me how quickly kids just go off and play no matter how well they know one another, if at all. My girlfriends and I don't get all together very often but when we do the kids all just carry on like it was yesterday. I hope it will always be this way
As always, for 15 more weeks at least, I am joining in with Jen over at Little Birdie.

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