Sunday, 4 August 2013

52 weeks of happy 36,37 & 38/52

"The happiest people don't have the best of everything,
they just make the best of everything"

Playing a little catch up here. We've had visitors and we left town for 6 days so there has been no time for me to blog much . I'm happy to be home for a few days of nothing before we leave again on Tuesday for more summertime fun. So in a slightly different fashion, here are my happy's for the past 3 weeks...
♥(If you follow me on IG, you'll have already seen these slightly blurry photos however this incident made me seriously happy so I had to repost here) This kid makes me happy every single week but there are moments when we just can't believe her. On this particular occasion, she came out of her room just after 10pm claiming to be a "Private Eye investigating why the sun is hot?" When I asked if I could take her photo for IG, she replied "what is this, the 2000's? I was way back in 1990. So last year!" "Hmmmm, what should my detective name be? Ah ha, a new mystery to be solved". She is crazy and I love her so very much!

♥We bought some "new to us" kayaks for the kids. I don't really know why we didn't do this years ago. This is our 7th year living next to the ocean and these kayaks bring tons of joy to our lives.

♥(again from IG) Old friends Derek and Jessica visited all the way from Toronto. They arrived around 4:30pm and by 6:30 we were out on the ocean in kayaks headed up the coast. It was a perfect evening which we finished off with a pint and some food in Lund. So nice that they made the long journey all the way to PR to visit us!

♥This is how I spent the better part of a day on Texada at the Quarry, rowing around in this dingy in the hot sun. Amazing!

♥My boy loves to jump into water and will do it whenever given the opportunity. This was our Wednesday on Savary just before we boarded the water taxi to head home.

♥I was happy to finally be able to give the blanket I crocheted to my special friends for their wedding. It took me months to make and is far from perfect as I'm still pretty new at crochet but they liked it so I'm thrilled!
♥At said wedding, we met some new and fabulous people. Earl & Linda and Debbie & Wayne are super people and I'm so glad to now call them friends.

♥My babies got to be ring bearer and flower girl again. I'm biased of course, but I think they looked pretty sweet and did a great job.

♥My beautiful friends tied the knot. Their wedding was magical and I'm so happy for them! Their happiness showed throughout the day/night and they threw a great party! Cheers Kevin & Ashley to a lifetime of the same joy you and all of us felt July 27, 2013!!!

♥We got to catch up with the Nairn`s at the wedding. It was lovely to have a couple days to visit and cuddle with their new little man. The kids were especially great with sweet Jasper and none of us can wait for our next visit!

♥While in Kelowna, we got to `whap back a yak`, visit the famed Bertram Park and best of all, Lil got to visit with her fav friend Duffy the Dancing Bear. Perfect day!!!

♥Last but not least, after leaving Kelowna, we fit a visit in with some old and special friends in Osoyoos-thanks so much for hosting such a great day Tanya!! We also had a couple days with Neil`s sister and family in Penticton. The Okanagan was very good to us. It was hotter than I`ve ever felt before but we had a fabulous 6 days away.

As always, joining in with Jen over at Little Birdie.

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  1. OK this entry makes me tired just following along!! What a spectacular trip and the kids were adorable in their outfits for the wedding, very cute. I'd love to come with you guys to Texada sometime, I've never been to the quarry and it looks like a great place to check out (and jump off cliffs!)