Wednesday, 21 August 2013

52 weeks of happy 40/52

"The happiest people don't have the best of everything,
 they just make the best of everything"
Making me happy this week...
^On the left, my mom-in-law with her two boys the night before she took off for a three week tour of England, Scotland and Ireland. I'm beyond happy for her and three of her sisters who are joining her on this grand adventure. I can't wait for her return to hear all about it. SO exciting!!!
^ I love this photo of our friend Lane with Oscker and Lily taken at the Movie Under the Stars foto booth. MUTS is such a great event but then they added this booth and it went up a few notches! These three all picked out what they wanted to wear (notice the hat on Lil's head!!!) and posed for me. Great fun and deliciously cute!!
^We had a little party on the weekend. It was an early 40th for my best guy. Neil's birthday isn't until September and I was trying to surprise him but unfortunately things didn't go as planned. The days leading up to the party it poured rain. The forecast for party day looked awful and several friends had to cancel. I was feeling pretty bummed but then we woke up to a beauty day, all these people showed up and we had a great evening! He was happy and so was I!
^This is our little friend Jasper. Lily LOVES him so very much. He stayed for 3 nights and Lily couldn't get enough of him. He is the sweetest. This photo was taken just before a rousing game of rock paper scissors which Lily won most of!

As always, joining in with the lovely Jen over at Little Birdie. Go read her blog, it's great!


  1. These are the best happies! Love that picture of the MUTS photo booth, that looks like a brilliant thing for kids. And yay to the party being great. You have had a fantastic week! x

    1. Thank you Jen. Hope you have a good one also!