Saturday, 14 September 2013

37/52 a portrait a week

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."
Jackson: It's been a rough week for my poor guy. He has been out of school since Monday with a lymph node infection which began with a couple of bad scrapes on his right foot! Who knew!?! We took him into emerg on Tuesday morning when he woke up puking with a swollen foot and a fever. Turns out those couple scrapes turned ugly and attacked his lymph nodes once again. Unfortunately this has meant 10 days of heavy antibiotics, no hockey or much of anything which is extremely hard on this guy. Jackson isn't one for sitting around. He's missing his first two games of the hockey season but he knows it's best to heal and be 100% before heading back on the ice. He also had to miss the Terry Fox Run. Tough stuff but he is on the mend now (as you can see in the photo) and we are grateful!
Lily: This girl keeps surprising us. This week she attempted the climbing wall at school and had her first ever soccer practise and game! On Monday she will start ballet! This once very anxious scared little woman is really starting to come out of her shell. Yay Flower!
Joining in with Jodi and others over at Che and Fidel.
From week 36, my fav's were...


  1. Thank you for the link back. Glad you like my photos. I'm pleased the warmer weather is upon us and the sun is shining a little more in my pics. Have a great week. Elaina xo

  2. Thanks for mentioning we were one of your faves from last week!
    How scary for you. Who knew that scrapes on a foot could lead to such a infection. Glad he's on the mend.