Wednesday, 6 November 2013


This Halloween we were treated to perfect weather. It was warm, there was no wind and although the clouds threatened a little, it didn't rain. My little witch switched to Dorothy for the evening and we joined the Chiquita Banana & Papa Smurf and did our usual route from the house of one set of grandparents to the other set then headed to town to trick or treat with cousins and friends. The kids got some serious loot which fortunately included a toothbrush and crashed into bed after a super Halloween around 10:30. The next day Pro D from school made this already excellent day even better! Thank you teachers!

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  1. ahhhh i LOVE the halloween pics! those are AWESOME costumes! that giant pumpkin is insane. also, i see a small pack of PRINGLES in the loot. i want!! send that pic to chiquita,maybe they'll hook you up with free bananas for a year? ^__^