Monday, 21 April 2014

Another Happy Easter Weekend

 Another Happy Easter has come and gone.  We celebrated with different family and friends on different days, eating and drinking way beyond what we needed. Sadly no photos from our different suppers and a gathering at the lake but loads of others from our weekend. The kids got FAR TOO MUCH chocolate and treats and we all felt very loved. How I love Easter and the 4 day weekend that comes with it!!! We are blessed and grateful!
^^^Lily made some fantastic Easter cards for everyone^^^
^^^Blossom love^^^

^^^No school on Good Friday so I took (bribed/dragged) the kids to some of my fav spots to take photos. Successful!^^^

^^^The first of many hunts happened Friday in the woods behind my parents home.^^^
^^^Supper at my parents place (also on Good Friday) meant some time with GG. Jackson is as tall as she is now!^^^
 ^^^We went to the annual Community Easter Egg Hunt at Willingdon Beach on Saturday morning.^^^
^^^Considering the very gray skies and low threatening clouds, the hunt was very well attended.^^^
^^^7:30 Sunday morning after the bunny came. Gifts and chocolate - happy kids!^^^
 ^^^This was the first year in a few we dyed eggs. We tried several different methods and are pleased with the results. I can't believe we haven't been doing this every year. Tons of fun and a new tradition.

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