Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Sandcastles and skimming

I'm not sure how 10 days have passed already but July 13th we headed to Texada Island for the annual Skim Jam and Sandcastle competition. The weather was outstanding and we enjoyed the entire day on Gilles Bay with my Mom and sister in tow. Us ladies entered the sandcastle competition (we didn't win, the competition was fierce!) and the boys spent the day skimming with the gang from Skull Skates. Perfect day!
Below is Jackson with PD from Skull Skates. The left is last year and the right is 10 days ago. I knew he'd grown a lot but this photo really shows the changes not in only in the length of his hair ☺.
You can slow down anytime my sweet love.

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  1. Such fabulous photos, it looks like you all had a great day! As I was scrolling through the photos, I was thinking how much Jackson has grown too, from when I started following you on Instagram until now! Massive growth spurt! It's Winter here in Australia so it's such fun to see you enjoying summer at the beach!