Friday, 8 August 2014

It's so easy

Earlier this week my Granny joined us at the beach. She is 82 and not as mobile as she once was after a stroke a few years ago. She needs a walker to help her get around and has Care Aides come to her home twice a day to give her a hand. She has a great neighbor that comes and cooks her supper and eats with her every night she's at home. My Mom picked her up and helped her dress for the beach. She sat happily in a chair under an umbrella with a big smile on her face watching the kids scream with delight when the waves hit them. She marvelled at my Mom heading straight in to cool off. I helped her to the waters edge where she dipped her toes in and backed right out. The water was too cold for her but when I asked her if she was happy she came she replied "it's so wonderful Jennifer. I get so lonely and bored in the day. I'm just happy to be here." Her words haven't left my head. Bringing an extra chair and helping her down to the beach is that easy and makes her so happy. Picking her up and taking her out for tea is that easy. Lunch once a week is totally possible! Life gets so busy and weeks go by without a phone call or a visit - we need to change this. 

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