Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Thank you September

September flew by at lightning speed. School didn't go back as it normally would because of our lame government and the sun just kept shining so we continued on with summer activities and were happy doing so. Below are too many pictures of our wonderful September. Continue on if you dare with this long winded huge post.
September 2, Neil and I headed to the big city sans children. Neil had to attend some meetings and the trip/HOTEL VANCOUVER☺ was paid for so I tagged along to enjoy a couple days away with him. We met up with friends the first night we arrived. It felt odd to be without kids but we really enjoyed the evening - supper in a great restaurant without worries that the kids aren't going to find anything to eat.  The next day while Neil was busy during the day, I met a good friend and we saw Boyhood (SO GOOD-go and see it if you haven't)then walked and talked and walked some more until Neil met up with us later. It was a perfect day that ended with a delicious meal and 3 bellinis. What a treat to escape reality for a couple of days.  We just need to make it happen more often!
We returned Thursday the 4th and on the 5th we had visitors who were in town for the Aurora Festival. While the festival itself wasn't super, we enjoyed showing around our friends around town. Only one of them had ever been to Powell River so it was fun to lake hop, hike a little and then enjoy the ocean.  
They jumped off cliffs.  
They did some Cowbell Radio
They saw the best PR has to offer as the weather was perfection, the lakes and ocean were warm and inviting and the bears came out as did the orcas.

Aurora where our friends  Lotus and the Wildflower performed
as well as the crazy talented Spencer of Seekers International.
Our friends Lotus and the Wildflower performed as did our friend
Lily and I returned to Vancouver September 10th with Jackson in tow. He stayed with friends for the night while Lil and I headed downtown to see Katy Perry. That morning I woke Lily up at 6am and said we had to get up right away because we were headed to Vancouver. She went along with it until we made it to the ferry terminal then questioned why we were going to Vancouver. She was so excited. I'm not the biggest fan but changed my tune a little after seeing the show. Katy Perry is quite the performer. I don't think Lily will forget that night forever.
The following Sunday, September 14th, my sister, Jackson and I completed the Terry Fox Run. I biked 3.5km, Jackson biked 10km and my sister walked/ran 10km.
Following our Terry Fox run, we met up with Neil and Lily and headed south of town to a new little spot Neil had discovered. My heart raced for much of this adventure as the zunga didn't seem all that secure to me and the jump was a high one but nothing will stop Jackson for at least giving it a try. I don't love heights and I think that fear is increasing in my old age!☺Fortunately the water was icy cold so after three swings, Jackson and Neil were done.
Mid September, we moved to town for 17 days to house/dog sit for our cousins. They live in a great neighborhood, have an amazing house plus the two cuties pictured below so it was win/win for us. Where we live, there are no neighbors so Jackson and Lily loved heading living in town and heading outside any chance they could to play with kids living close by. Plus having Max and Ruby around made our stay extra special. After 17 days, we didn't want to leave and miss the dogs terribly.
On September 19th, Neil's birthday, good friends Kevin and Greg arrived for the weekend. After a big roast beef supper, they headed to the radio station and didn't return til late. The next day we got up and headed to Lund to cruise up the coast with Erik on the Nenqaiyi. This was an early 40th birthday present for Kevin and I was thrilled to go. I was born and raised here in Powell River and had never ventured past Lund so this was a real treat for me.
As we headed north up Desolation Sound, I spotted some whales and Erik stopped the boat for us to watch them play. What a treat! We've seen them before several times but never while out on the water so close. 
After awhile we started back up visiting Refuge Cove and the most beautiful waterfall at Teakerne Arm.

We docked near the waterfall and hiked in to Cassel Lake.

Kev and Neil went for a swim while we sat and enjoyed the views. Stunning! Truly a day I will never forget. 
That evening we headed to the Carlson Club to party 80's style.
Pictured below are the 3 best dj's I know!
Sunday morning we woke up and Neil made a big breakfast then we headed to The Fall Fair.
The kids tie-dyed t-shirts, we sampled too much food, saw and chatted with loads of people and checked out all the prize winners. I won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons, 1 Best in Selection Ribbon and $6 for the three photos I entered (see below, on the right). It cost me $9 to enter so I'm only down $3 and have some lovely ribbons to keep.☺ This is why I love my town so much!
We headed to Eagle River after the Fall Fair for one last dip before school.
The teachers and the government finally made an agreement so we started September 22 instead of the 2nd. Lily felt nervous but excited to see friends and Jackson couldn't wait. Very typical.
I read Wild this month. Tragic that I'm only able to get through a single book in a month but it is what it is. Have you read it? It's a great read. Check it out.
September is a big birthday month for our family. My dad, Neil, our nephew Trent, Sarah and Jackson all celebrate their special days as well as numerous close and favourite friends (Lise, Kristen, Kyshanay and Kev). Seems that I surround myself with a load of Virgos and Libras.
Thank you September for being so good to us. We had fun and lots of it.

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