Thursday, 6 November 2014

October Fun

October was a busy month. Besides our trip to Vancouver, my birthday and Hallowe'en, lots went on that I didn't blog about. Scroll on if you wish to know what else we did. 
^Lily started piano lessons with her Great Auntie Lesley. She's been bugging to learn for the last couple of years and finally her dream has come true. She is also learning the ukulele. She's abandoned all other extra curricular activities besides these new music lessons and swimming this year and is much happier.^
^We celebrated my Mom's 62nd birthday with a big family supper or ham, scalloped potatoes, veggies and her favourite cake. It's looking pretty sad in the photo above and as usual, we were unprepared in the candle department but it tasted delicious when cut up and smothered in whip cream and raspberry coulis. She is my rock. I don't know if I could manage without her in my life. I'm so beyond grateful for her and the great example she is to me and my family. I love you Mom!^
^From my IG account, a bit of love on my way home one day. Funny how these things show up for you just when you need it most. More gratitude.^
^While my Dad was up in their attic checking for leaks after having a new roof put on (there were none), he discovered some lost treasures. This is a snip-it from a journal of mine when I was about 10 years old and obviously feeling some rag towards my little sister. I know we fought but I certainly don't remember feeling what is written above. Hilarious and such a treasure. I'm so glad my parents were packrats and held onto this stuff.^
 ^Lily was the best guesser for the Autumn Contest at school. She guessed 756 and there was 749 jelly beans in the jar. Saying she was thrilled is an understatement! We still haven't eaten them all!^
^This rainbow greeted me first thing in the morning one stormy morning and was absolutely stunning. I wish I was a better photographer so I could really capture it's beauty.^ 
 ^We finally celebrated Jackson's 11th with his pals. He had 6 of his besties over, 5 of whom spent the night. They ate pizza, we had a big fire on the beach, they played with their devices (iPods&Pads), tried to watch a movie and stayed up until just after 2:30am and were up again for the day at 7:05am. I don't know that we will do another large sleepover like this one but my boy was happy and that is what matters. They are all good kids but exhausting!!!^
^We decked our halls for Hallowe'en. Chuck Brown and his gang were up for most of the month for a change. The last few years our decorations have gone up much later in the month. Lily was thrilled when I got things out early on so we could enjoy them longer.^ 
^Neil and I have been playing a lot of crib. We used to play a lot but stopped for some reason.
Nice to spend time together, get away from screens and listen to music and chat. I also like to win!^
^Lily has been doing a lot of doodling. Her desire to draw comes and goes and right now it's on!☺^
^We made a quick trip to Victoria. We visited/stayed with our dear friends, shopped, went for a nice walk in the rain, ate well, saw St. Vincent (ho/hum) and had a good time as we always do while there. Thanks again for having us Reimer family!^
I can hardly believe we are already 6 days into November. I know time is really going to start to fly with Christmas just around the corner. Craft Fairs a plenty are about to start happening and I can't wait. Plus Christmas parties, Lily's birthday and life. I'll be back with more soon.

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