Thursday, 8 January 2015

Campbell River just before the New Year

After Christmas on the 27th, we headed across the water for a Hockey Tournament. I'm not a huge fan of travelling around the holidays however this one was close and as ever, Jackson was pumped so we just had to go! We've been to Campbell River for sports before but this trip seemed way more relaxed. There were lots of gaps between games that allowed for a viewing of Annie for Lily and I with friends plus some time to explore a bit and do some shopping. Stores and sales in larger places are much better after Christmas than they are here in PR. I don't know that it was because the sun was shinning bright in the sky or that the team plays well together and we were winning but this trip was great fun. Campbell River was/is very picturesque too so bonus! AND, it was pretty cool to see the sunrise from the opposite side of the Salish Sea both mornings we were there as our hotel was directly across the street from the beach. Huge CONGRATS to our boys! Team Scotia Bank took home the well deserved gold medal and we were all so proud! 

Lily loved our hotel so much, she left a note!  

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