Thursday, 26 February 2015

#SAMESPOT - February 2015

Honestly, February has been a bit rough. Lots of stress and little sleep. I don't like to wish time away ever but I'm feeling kind of happy to see this month come to an end. The weather has been a great mix of grey and rainy with several days of sunshine to help get us through. One thing is for sure, it's been as mild as I can ever remember for this time of year. March brings Spring's fresh promise, daylight savings and a two week break from school - loads of goodness to look forward too!


  1. Yes it has been a busy start to our year too....the end of Feb though brings promises of cooler weather ...something we are looking forward to.
    Love the pic xxx

  2. I don't like wishing time away either, but I totally agree with you. I am so glad February is almost over. The stretch between Christmas break and Spring Break seems to take FOREVERRRRRRRRRR. I can hardly wait!