Sunday, 1 March 2015


"a portrait of, and quote from my children, once a week, every week, in 2015"

Jackson: This kid is a procrastinator like his parents. He waited until the night before a big project was due to complete it even though he had weeks to do so. How can we be angry with him when we are just the same? He got it done and handed in on time. It caused some stress but he managed. Somehow, we will have to try and rid him of this awful habit!  His quote reflects another hockey filled weekend. We were talking about gratitude at bedtime and he said "I feel very grateful for all the family that comes out to watch me play hockey. You and Dad, sometimes Lily, Gram & Papa, Nana Jane and today GG and Auntie Flo, Auntie Sarah and Oscker. I'm pretty lucky." I'm glad he recognizes the support and I'm also glad so many want to come out to watch him play. Go Jackson Go!!! 

Lily: This week has been much improved compared to the previous few. She is temporarily sleeping with her brother again and it's doing the trick at bedtime for now. She's going to sleep relatively easily and sleeping through the night. I know this can't keep going forever but it works for now. He is a little put out but has stopped protesting as he knows it's helping us out a lot. My girl was on fire with hilarious and very thoughtful quotes this week. Sometimes I wish I was being filmed while chatting with her. I often walk away shaking my head in disbelief. I don't know where the stuff in her head comes from but she sure is entertaining. 

 "Well sometimes I wonder why I'm here? Is this life real? Am I going to wake up someday and it was all a dream. I don't know."

"Next thing you know, a monster truck crashed thru my coffee and I started crying like a sore baby. Then next thing you know, I was playing a show in Reno."


  1. I love how different they are. He's so aware that he has a lot of love behind him, and she is so funny. Reminds me of ours as they take after their Dad and his crazy thought patterns. Lovely pics and quotes #livingarrows

  2. there is a thought...sitting with our kids and recording them for the memories when they are older. xx