Saturday, 25 April 2015


"a portrait of, and occasionally a quote from my children, once a week, every week, in 2015"

Jackson: He's gone to the Island again this weekend for hockey  :( excited as ever. He was hopeful that after practice they would head to a sports store to look around. 
"Nothing makes me happier than walking around a hockey store Mom."

Lily: Exhausting week of late bedtimes. Nighttime is tough for my girl. This week we will try heading to bed earlier, more reading and less time fooling around trying to avoid closing her eyes. She's a ton of fun in the day as apparent in the photo but when it is time for sleep, it's a whole different story.
 "I just don't understand why I'm Lily. How did I get here? How did anyone get here? What is this life?"
"Clouds are funny things. They look like cartoons."
 "Hey man, you forgot about the toasted mayonnaise and the fried ketchup!"
 "I just want to sue the person who invented money. All it does is cause troubles for people. It's a terrible thing."


  1. Fun adventures for your boy....hope sleep comes easy for your girl this week. Xxxx

  2. Oh Lily's bedtime musings made me giggle - I've got a little girl who'd rather think thoughts at bedtime than go to sleep too, though hers are more along the lines of where is Daddy/blankie/her brother/her sister/what day is tomorrow!

  3. Wonderful photos! #livingarrows

  4. Love the second photo! Your daughter is fun! I hope you she will have better nights =) #livingarrows